In Pokemon Go, the best flying Pokemon is

In Pokemon Go, the best flying Pokemon is ...

Pokemon Go is stuffed with weird and wonderful creatures, which range across many different kinds, but none can quite reach the heights that flying Pokemon can reach, and for good reason. Because they have wings, though, it's always handy to have one of these amazing beasts on your team.

This is why we have created this flying Pokemon guide, which reveals the best flying Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Some of the items on this list are easy to obtain, while others require patience, luck, and a lot of balls.

If you aren't in the market for a cheeky bird, but want a companion who can comprehend your thoughts, our list of the best psychic Pokemon has the mon for you. We also have suggestions for what the best ice Pokemon are if you want to freeze them all, or soak them with the finest water Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Whatever the case, you'll want to buckle up as we take to the skies with the best flying Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Flying Pokemon

Fast attack: Wing attack Charged attack: Sky attack

Yes, we started this list with many legendary mon you wanna know why? Because they absolutely slap, and a lot of them fly high above you, where they should be. The fact that Moltres is a legendary bird from Generation One is just the cherry on the top.

Brave Bird is attacked with a fast attack. Air Slash Charged Attack

Braviary is the most flying-type on this list that doesnt belong to the legendary category. In Pokemon Go, Braviary is capable of doing significant damage at an incredible rate, so you cant go wrong with this solid flying type.

Hurricane Gust Charged Attack: Fast Attack

The second legendary to appear on this list is Yveltal what a bird, which is a combination of the dark and flying-types, which opens it up to some unique combinations. The fact that the titular Pokemon Y mon is hard-hitter doesnt hurt either, so take the opportunity to blow them away with one of the finest dark Pokemon and flying mon.

Charged attack: Brave bird

Staraptor is a third-stage Pokemon, and it's fair to say that it's worth the effort you put in to acquire one. Of course, there are others on this list that fit the flying-type bill, but we cant deny the power and aggression that Staraptor can bring to your party.

Quick attack: Air slash Charged attack: Hurricane

Another legendary flying Pokemon, but this time it isnt a bird hooray! Instead, Tornadus is a member of the Forces of Nature trio, and in Pokemon Go, this amazing creature can unleash havoc with its powerful hurricane assault, just be sure you remain in the eye of the storm.

Peck Charged attack: Brave bird

Talonflame, a fire and flying-type hybrid, is a popular choice at PT, although it's possible that some of us who were not pyromaniacs were not pyromaniacs, I swear. Regardless, Talonflame can create a terrifying combination of attacks that will send your opponent into flames. Seriously, they might even fly as a flying fireball.

Charged attack: Charge beam

Zapdos is the second legendary bird to appear on this list. Its just a shame to not include it on this list, especially since it happens to be one of the best electric Pokemon in Pokemon Go. You can either light up the sky with some powerful electric strikes or you send them sky-high with flying strikes.

Fast attack: Wing attack Brave bird attack Charged attack:

Pidgeot is a special item in the hearts of many people, especially because it is likely to be the first powerful animal you ever got your hands on in the earlier mon games, and the same is likely to be true in Pokemon Go, especially since it is one of the best flying Pokemon in the game, since it can hit hard and move at a fast pace.

Peck Charged Attack: Sky Attack: Fast Attack

Honchkrow should really be dubbed Henchkrow, because it can do much harm to its opponents, but if you're looking for a bird with a dark side, look no further than this mon.

Hurricane attack: Air slash Charged attack

Rayquaza is a force of nature, and is a dragon-type on top of flying, which unsurprisingly means this menacing mon can do some serious damage and trap its foes in a fiery storm. You definitely want this creature of legend on your team.

The best flying Pokemon in Pokemon Go. For even more amazing mon adventures, check out our best Pokemon games list.