Ana De Armas cuts out Chris Evans, her co-star, who reacted to seeing her as Marilyn Monroe in a blonde outfit

Ana De Armas cuts out Chris Evans, her co-star, who reacted to seeing her as Marilyn Monroe in a blo ...

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans have appeared in several films together and continue to work together. Both were recently two of the leads in The Grey Man cast, so it makes sense that de Armas showed Evans her performance early in Blonde.

While critics are divided on Blonde and the actress' performance as Monroe, Evans lauded his friend's performance and particularly her dedication to the role.

I think this was one of the first opportunities she had to really sink her teeth into something so demanding. I saw nothing of fear; I saw joy.

De Armas explained that while working on The Grey Man, she had screenings for her friends and the Blonde crew. Evans saw her screentest for the role and said: "You should show it to people."

I remember looking at [her camera test] and thinking, OK, Marilyn, where's your shot? That's you, right? Holy shit! You're going to win an Oscar for this!

De Armas was both ecstatic and proud of her performance when she saw her transform into the Old Hollywood icon for the first time.

De Armas will be the first female lead in a series such as Knives Out, No Time To Die, and The Grey Man to be part of a larger ensemble. It'll be interesting to see what others think of her major breakout performance.

Blonde will likely be discussed a lot, especially with the awards season approaching, but de Armas is still working on other projects, and is working on another film with Evans.

Chris Evans shared a new look at the dynamic duo's third film together, which will include de Armas' birthday on set and Evans' celebratory emojis on de Armas' post when the filming finished.

It's amazing to witness the two actors work together and continue to support one another in Ghosted in 2023. Regardless, im excited to see if I agree with Evans when Blonde is released on September 8th. You can also watch or (rewatch) The Grey Man with a Netflix subscription.