When will the producer's next Final Fantasy XIV live letter be published?

When will the producer's next Final Fantasy XIV live letter be published? ...

Final Fantasy XIV is still going strong despite its ten-year absence. Endwalker's latest expansion set new records last December, and more updates are still being made to the game.

The FFXIV developers are well-known for sharing a lot of information with players about their internal processes, the current state of patch development.

The Producer's Letters are the primary venue to exchange feedback from recently released content with fans and provide information on the next ones.

Naoki Yoshida, the game's director and producer, hosts the broadcast along with producer Toshio Murouchi, who also provide live translation when revealing important information about the game, such as the Endwalkers trailer. Usually, only visual assets are translated.

The next producer's letter will be available on Twitch, Niconico, and YouTube.

When will the producer's next FFXIV letter be?

The Producer's Next Live Letter will air on Friday, October 8 at 11:30pm CT.

The next one will be focused on Patch 6.25.

The Omicron beast tribe and additional Hildibrand quests have been included in this update, as well as other unreleased content that should be seen in the broadcast.

The Live Letter will not contain much information because itll be completed by a panel on Square Enix's scenario team, with three guests: the lead story designer Daichi Hiroi and two senior story designers, Natsuko Ishikawa and Banri Oda.