Is Roblox no longer working, and when will it be back?

Is Roblox no longer working, and when will it be back? ...

Updated: September 23, 8:30am CT, 2022

Roblox is now operational and all services are back up as of September 23, 8:30am CT, 2022!

Updated: September 22, 4:34pm CT, 2022

Pro Game Guides is unable to access Roblox or connect to any games. We will be keeping an eye on Roblox to ensure we are back online when we are back.

According to the Official Roblox Status website, Roblox has identified the issue and is actively working on it.

Updated: May 4, 8.00 ET, 2022

Pro Game Guides has been able to connect to Roblox and enter lobbies with other players. The Roblox Twitter account has not been changed, although some users may log in and play without any issues.

Roblox is down for the fourth time on May 4, 2022, and they stated on their Official Roblox Status website that the outage is due to a service disruption. They have stated on their Roblox Twitter account that they are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

There was no mention of a timetable on when this outage would be resolved. The service has been down for around four hours.

We will be keeping an eye on the situation and will update this article often.

Update on November 1

Roblox is back online on October 31, 18:45 CT. All services are now up!

Update: Oct. 29 07:12 CT

The Roblox status Twitter account states that the site is currently down for maintenance, and that they will update when the servers are restored. There was no specific date or timeframe for the maintenance.

Update on October 29, 11:07 CT

The engineers are working on a recovery process, and some users may begin to have limited access. Even if you get on Oct. 29t access, there's little you'll be able to do until everything is operational one more time, but it's progress, and the wait is not much longer.

Update on October 29, 09:35 CT

Roblox has some service features, but these may not function as intended because the problem is still being resolved widely.

  • Authentication
  • Games Page
  • Groups
  • Thumbnails and Images

Roblox, the hit game, has been down for many hours now as of 6 pm, CT on October 28th. Over 3 million users have yet to login. This includes everything from playing on the website, mobile, and Xbox.

The Official Roblox Status website has classified this outage as a service disruption. and all engineers are currently investigating the issue to bring the popular game back online.

Roblox has identified the problem as an internal system issue as of 8.30 pm CT, and all hands are on deck attempting to resolve it. If everything goes to plan with fixing the problem, Roblox should be back online shortly, but they have not given a timeline when it will be fully restored.

Several titles may be back online, but the majority of them aren't. You may be able to login and join servers, but nothing else will happen since all servers are down, and you'll be staring at server messages for a long time.

Roblox has been down for the first time this year, as it was down three times in July.