Slime Rancher 2's How to Unlock the Meat Slime Bait App

Slime Rancher 2's How to Unlock the Meat Slime Bait App ...

The Slime Rancher is equipped with the tools they need to successfully capture Slimes in the wild. Some gadgets are available from the start, others require a blueprint to create, but the blueprint is hidden deep within the Islands of Rainbow Island in Slime Rancher 2.

In Slime Rancher 2, where can I find the Meat Slime Bait blueprint?

Before you can unlock a gadget like the Dash Pad, you need to find a blueprint out in the wild. This is the area to the northwest of the Rainbow Fields, and unlocking it requires you to activate a pylon to destroy the stone pillars blocking the teleporter.

Make your way to Ember Valley by using the teleporter. Continue west until you reach a small area with steep slopes and a large cylindrical pillar. From here, head south and climb the cliff. You can see the area marked on the map above.

Jump up the steps to the huge rock and inside you will find a supply pod. Open the supply pod and you will receive the blueprint for the Meat Slime Bait, which can be placed around the map to attract meat-eating slimes.