A 17-year-old kid is accused of being a GTA 6 hacker

A 17-year-old kid is accused of being a GTA 6 hacker ...

The huge Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay leak has only been a few days old, but within that time, Take-Twos' stock value has dropped. Now an alleged suspect has been apprehended or, in appropriate GTA terms, busted.

According to reports on Twitter, a 17-year-old male has been arrested on suspicion of hacking.

UPDATE: A 17-year-old man has been confirmed as being a suspect in a hacking incident; a source claims the crime is related to an intrusion on Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies. https://t.co/lHX2cpGfA $UBER

What will happen next? The suspect will most likely face charges from both Rockstar and Uber, at which point he may be sentenced for his actions. A trial that might go across many countries, given the age and location of the alleged hacker, might be quite complex.

Rockstar issued a statement shortly after the leak. The company expressed its disappointment that such unfinished gameplay was seen by so many people, but it also reassured fans that the leak would not affect its development schedule. Grand Theft Auto 6 may still be in the works, but it's nice to know that it wont be hampered by this incident.

The video itself was massive, consisting of over 90 gameplay clips and even source code. The videos confirm reports of the games' dual lead characters, one of which is the series' first female protagonist. Eagle-eyed fans also discovered details that appear to confirm the Vice City setting.