Season 16 of Criminal Minds: Will it be significantly darker?

Season 16 of Criminal Minds: Will it be significantly darker? ...

There's a lot to prepare for as we prepare for Criminal Minds Season 16 to premiere on Paramount+ this Thanksgiving.

Many of the most important questions on this show are related to it being hosted by a streaming service rather than CBS. There is a possibility for longer episodes, but will the program also become darker or more extreme along the way?

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Here's the thing about going to a streaming service: Anything is possible. However, just because you can do something doesnt mean that you should. Speaking (per Variety) recently at a panel discussion, showrunner Erica Messer noted that while Criminal Minds: Evolution may be different in some ways, its not about to become some sort of horrific horror film:

Im aware that teenage children enjoy this program. I never intended for the show to be full Rated-R, but we live in the world longer. So because of that, you just get to live and breathe in this space and it can be disturbing a disturbing environment to live in. I dont think you'll be surprised by the graphics being poor or anything like that.

This is a good move. Remember that a show like this does not have to be Rated-R in order to be creepy. Much of what is horrifying can be shown off-screen, or shown in a way that is disturbing or unexpected. You want to be able to just present different stories that will surprise you.

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