Wells Adams's message in "Bachelor in Paradise" is clear

Wells Adams's message in "Bachelor in Paradise" is clear ...

The premiere ofBachelor in Paradiseseason 8 will be available in just a few days, and it's 100% true that this show isn't keeping you waiting long. Were going directly from what we saw with Gabby and RachelsThe Bacheloretteover to this show, and we tend to think it's going to be quite messy.

The video below, however, is attempting to be somewhat more authentic than what we normally get from this program, and of course, this is very intentional. The intention here is to be tongue-in-cheek and have a little bit of fun while doing so, and we tend to think it to be quite successful. As bartender Wells Adams gives you what sounds like an advertisement for some bizarre luxury resort

Being in Paradise is often the opposite of being in a luxury resort, according to a lot of sources. It's also a very strange environment in which you'll have love triangles, disagreements, and sometimes heartbreak.

Throughout the year, you will receive free food, alcohol, and a vacation. We just want to know how much you really enjoy it. This is where a lot of the characters will begin to arrive and begin to develop. There may be sparks immediately, but also some drama.

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Bachelor in Paradise (@BachParadise) on September 21, 2022