Logitech's white Xbox Series X is featured in a Logitech commercial

Logitech's white Xbox Series X is featured in a Logitech commercial ...

A Logitech commercial featuring a white Xbox Series X was discovered in the background, sparking rumors that a new version of the console is on the way.

For a long time, people have been clamoring for a white Xbox Series X. It makes sense that the Series X would eventually get a white version.

Fans have speculated that a white Series X seen in a recent commercial might be the sign they've been waiting for. Is it finally on its way?

If you haven't yet acquired an Xbox Series X, let alone a mythic white one, then fret, there is a fantastic strategy to beat the scalpers!

What Is The Logitech Advert's White Series X?

The white Series X shown in the Logitech video might be a custom white shell over a basic black model, or perhaps confirmation of an official white version.

Many have pointed out that the Xbox Series X has been altered to match the advertising's overall aesthetic. The background, furnishings, and clothes worn by the models in the advert are all white.

Nevertheless, others have been quick to point out the pink microphone and black laptop featured in the commercial.

The Logitech advertisement is for a brand-new line of headphones from the Logitech owned business Astro Gaming, which is being promoted as compatible with Microsoft's Xbox Series X.

Logitech and Microsoft have teamed up for the first time. In fact, the two businesses have partnered up on numerous occasions to promote one another's goods.

It isn't the first time that a white Xbox variant has been leaked. Back in 2016, the Xbox One S was leaked, only hours before the public release.

Has Microsoft Certified a White Xbox Series X?

Despite a white version of the console appearing in a Logitech advertisement, Microsoft has yet to release an official statement.

The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren has requested a comment from Microsoft on the white Xbox Series X. However, the company has failed to reply.

Here's a closer view. I've asked Microsoft whether it's just a skin or an actual white Xbox Series X pic.twitter.com/Y5aMG6HcQe

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