Does 'Do Revenge' do justice to its predecessors?

Does 'Do Revenge' do justice to its predecessors? ...

Do Revenge: A Short Film Featuring Quintessential Characters Ahead of the Screen, This Week

The Makeover

Do Revenges' iteration of Rosehills Royal Court consists of the Flawless Four, Mean Girls the Plastics, and Eleanore the girl who makes the most of her time at the school. In the process, viewers are transported back to 2004 when Janice Ian (Lizzy Caplan) gives Eleanor a tour of Rosehill, where she discovers her true self, in an attempt to convey some degree of progress.

The Soundtrack

The Verves "Bittersweet Symphony" follows Annette (Reese Witherspoon) as she departs from her prom in a 1956 Jaguar driven by an angry senior class that pelts her with corsages in Jawbreaker. However, the film lacks a signature song that will hold a scene in the viewers' minds long after the film's release.

The Villain

As Drea and Eleanor pick up the mantle at one point, Max (Austin Abrams) is the real villain in this film. His unjustified hatred of Drea leads him to fabricate a sex tape, which leads him to ridicule every other person he has ever encountered. But is Max really worthy of this icon status?

The Gotcha Moment

The biggest drawback to teen revenge movies is, of course, the all-important gotcha moment. These are the scenes that live on forever in pop culture legends and are ultimately thedeciding factor whether or not the film succeeded in retaining the audience. Like Courtney winning the prom queen in Jawbreaker before the recording of her murderous confession plays over her speaker. Or Kathryn's defiant eulogy that is interrupted by the dissemination of journal entries detailing his every sinister act.

The Twist

Do Revenge excels at outdoing itself with its shocking and monumental twist. Hawke embraces full Glennergy,' drawing the audience in with beach walks, smiles, and grilled cheeses, only to turn on a dime and prove she had the upper hand the entire time, highlighting the absolute absurdity of what is happening.