Trombone Champ can transform any song

Trombone Champ can transform any song ...

The Trombone Champ asks a simple, yet profound question: What would you do if you played the trombone?

If you've ever played Guitar Hero or Rock Band games before, you'll know how challenging musical instrument rhythm games can be. Instead of rock music, you'll be playing authentic bangers like Scott Joplin's The Entertainer, literal Beethoven, and The National Anthem. (Try getting those tunes out of your head).

The rhythm game is quite difficult. You have to move the pitch up or down with your mouse, then hold down the key on your keyboard for the correct amount of time. Its a minor difference that makes playing songs quite difficult.

When you dont really play it well, the game becomes much more enjoyable, as the trombone plays its dulcet toot-toots in accordance with which notes you're playing, as if you're creating your own version of Matt Mulhollands' titanic recording.

Difficulty varies by song, with some that require you to take sudden leaps across the screen, while others that require you to hold down the note; play well and youll receive a perfecto or a nice in response; mess up and the game declares it nasty; in my case, these songs only get worse as I snotter all over myself in laughter.

The best game ever created is Trombone Champ.

If you aim to lose aux defis, je recommande you use this technique. #TromboneChamp

The game's choice of visual background for each stunning selection is only enhanced by PC Gamer. The national anthem of the United States is accompanied by an image of the United States flag, before eventually yielding to a gigantic hamburger and fries combo meal overlayed on top of it.

Everyone, please stand for the national anthem#trombonechamp at this time.

God Save the Queen receives a similar approach.

Trombone Champ is by far the only game I wish I had made. It's absolutely out of this world god tier. Fuck. If you have a passion for life, you will enjoy it, laugh, and curse the creators of it.

There is no song that can be improved without terrible trombone playing, according to this writer's humble opinion. (Who am I kidding there is no such thing as bad trombone playing in the world of Trombone Champ. We are all winners here.)


Everyone should try to be a Trombone Champ. This game is fantastic.

If you are looking for an additional challenge, you may also play the game using the Steam Decks gyro controls.

Gyro controls for Trombone Champ may not be the most accurate, but theyre definitely the most enjoyable! #TromboneChamp #SteamDeck

The title Guitar Hero may have a hero, but the real heroes are all of you, posting these Trombone Champ clips. Please don't stop.