Monthly PS Plus Games Predictions for October 2022: Rumors and Leaks

Monthly PS Plus Games Predictions for October 2022: Rumors and Leaks ...

The PS Plus Monthly Game Listing for October 2022 continues to be a mystery, with no rumors or leaks indicating what's to come. Of course, we at PSLS enjoy making predictions and seeing how close we get.

NOTE: This article is updated on an ongoing basis to include all significant rumors, leaks, and news related to the PS Plus October 2022 games.

PS Plus October 2022 Monthly Games

Our first prediction is aimed at something frightening. Aliens are pretty frightening, so that checks that box. Then there's the fact that this game was patched with fixes and DLC at the end of August, boosting it for other gamers.

This would be a great game to boot up with friends on October 31 as it features a fun cooperative mode.

Why limit October to one game about aliens? The remake of Destroy All Humans! which was released in July 2020 would also be a great game for the Halloween month.

Sony is on a roll with fantastic independent titles, and Untitled Goose Game would be the perfect fit to continue this trend.

Untitled Goose Game is coming to PS4 at the very end of 2019. It's time to give it another go.

PS Premium subscribers are still anticipating the Dino Crisis after it was reported several times before. Here's hoping October will be the month when it will finally surface!

Steelrising is now available as a timed trial for PS Plus Premium subscribers. Thats a nice little surprise for those who subscribe to the most expensive tier.

Shuhei Yoshida said that PS Plus should be used to freshen up games.