Is it possible to play Apex Legends Mobile on a controller?

Is it possible to play Apex Legends Mobile on a controller? ...

Back in May, Apex Legends Mobiles' worldwide release on Apple and Android devices enticed fans to join Respawn Entertainment and EA's famous battle royale. While other battle royales, including Fortnite and PUBG, have had mobile versions for years, Apex took longer to break into the mobile market.

While Battle Royale does have a fully functional touch-based interface, some players are unsure if it will support mobile-specific controllers. Many players come from the mouse-and-keyboard world, or the controller world. Others are curious how Respawn will deal with these issues.

Here's all we know about Apex Legends Mobile and its controllers.

Apex Legends Mobile and controller support

Apex Legends Mobile does not officially support controllers at the time of writing. The development team shared that they are actively working on controller support, but it isn't yet at the level of polish and quality they expect for a feature release. However, Respawn has not revealed anything new about controller play.

Despite the absence of official support, some players have discovered that their Bluetooth-enabled PlayStation and Xbox controllers work with the game, as do a number of other mobile-specific controllers. It's important to note that even if your controller works, it may not have all of its features and youll likely encounter bugs and inconsistencies along the way.

There isn't a word on what controllers will be officially supported, or how the games control scheme will change to adapt to gamepads, as shown on Apex Legends Mobile's social channels.