In Adopt Me Roblox, how do I get the Coastal Climb badge?

In Adopt Me Roblox, how do I get the Coastal Climb badge? ...

Although Adopt Me is widely recognized as a role-playing game, it also includes a few other features that fans of any genre may enjoy, such as obbys! In fact, to many players' surprise, the only badges available in the whole Adopt Me experience are earned by completion of these obbys.

In Adopt Me, how do I get the Coastal Climb badge?

Each badge in Adopt Me is earned by traversing and completing its respective obstacle course, with a total of seven badges all together. First, we must find theObbiesbuilding onAdoption Island.

Look for the large, sandy park/playground pictured below once you've entered Adoption Island, the main area of Adopt Me.

This is the entrance to the large slide at this park. It's a tiny structure calledObbies.

Inside of this structure are seven entrances, one for each obby.

We need to log into the Coastal Climb portal to get the Coastal Climb badge.

We must get to the end of the Coastal Climb obby by running, jumping, and climbing our way across its many obstacles and platforms. It's okay to go through it, but be careful to pay attention to where you're going as you go!

As you get to the end of the obby, you should see a small building labelledFinish!Walking back to this building will teleport you back to the main Obbies building and trigger the Coastal Climb badge to appear on your screen! Congratulations, you successfully completed a level three obby and earned the badge!

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