This free dating app allows you to hold hands with your favourite agents

This free dating app allows you to hold hands with your favourite agents ...

Yes, you read that correctly. A Valorant Dating Simm inspired by Riot Games Agents of Romance is expected to be released in 2023, allowing fans of the FPS game to get to know our Alpha Earth heroes a bit better.

I dare you to tell me why would you want to do that?

Dating games are still popular, especially in Eastern nations like Korea and Japan. However, more and more romance spin-offs are making their way into the public sphere. For example, we recently released a Hooked on You preview, showcasing Behaviour Interactives attempt to transform Dead by Daylight murderers into cute UwU anime boys and girls.

Amorant, a Valorant dating game inspired by Riots 2021 prank game, Agents of Romance, is on the cards. Im sure you were, and so I reached out to the developer, who wanted to use their name, ImABeeBop, to discuss Valorant and dating.

Riot sent me an email on April 1, 2021, asking about a Valuable Dating Sim called Agents of Romance. Though I knew the email was fake, it still got me thinking about whether or not a Valuable Dating Sim like it did at the time might be a good idea.

Bee cites the Amorant teams' inspiration, claiming that the initial joke of the Valorant team "Agents of Romance" produced a lot of buzz, perhaps more than planned, before an astounding loud psych!

To get to know the Valorant characters outside of combat was a lot of fun, so removing the rug was a source of deep disappointment across the fandom. This was the ideal launchpad for a project like Amorant.

Bee's purpose was much simpler. Im just here to chat with Cypher. Sure, I might draw that for myself, but that's not nearly as funny as meeting a large group of people who want to chat with Valorant Agents, and spending two years making a dating simulation.

It is worthwhile to clarify that the project does not originate from Riot, and it will not be released via their client or Riot Forge. Instead, the developers have Riots' permission and observation, but not their endorsement.

Bee claims that the Rioters weve spoken with have been extremely helpful in ensuring that Valorant was represented correctly and respectfully, but other than that, they are extremely hands-off and eager to see what we create on our own. Amorant is not made by Riot, it's 100% made by Valorant fans!

This raises the question how do you get to the bottom of it? Bee claims that working with a group of 60 new romantics is both a blessing and a curse.

In addition to trying to keep the momentum going, a lot of our contributors work full-time jobs or are full-time students. The more hands we have on board, the easier it is for someone else to join in as people need to step back and do life things!

Bee claims Amorant to be the best-kept secret of the Valorant fandom. A lot of times when I bring Amorant up to close people outside the project, Im met with surprise or shock. People will long for the original April Fools joke on Twitter and then freak out when one of our contributors tags in the projects Twitter account.

Were not known but unaware at the same time. Its fun in a way, because we get to see this new surge of excitement every time someone discovers us, and that makes us as well.

Bee believes this to be the group's greatest strength. Every time I get off a call with our team, im excited all over again to see where this goes, they say. Many people have commented on how wonderful it is to meet and converse with people they would never have met otherwise.

Amorant has two purposes, and they continue to exist: both as a fan contribution to Valorant and as a departure point into the game development environment for many of our contributors. It does work like a simulation, but it certainly fits the role of a team within a pipeline.

Anybody interested in a League of Legends dating sim? After all, Spirit Blossom did a decent job, and Riot is returning it for 2022!

So I know what you're all looking for: when can I go on cute seaside walks with Killjoy? Bee has the answer. Amorant will be completely free to play as part of Riot's legal jibber jabber guidelines for fan projects like this one. We'll update you as the launch date approaches.

They state that Amorant is a rolling release, meaning that updates will be released regularly once the base game is released. These updates include new Agent routes, new features, and new ways to enjoy the game. Even after you have played all of the previous stuff, older routes may be changed with new content and new things to do.

Before life became too busy I even tried out as a narrative writer. Im so excited to see Bee and the team reimagine Valorants' colorful cast of Agents. Their personalities already shine through in-game, and I cant wait to see how the team further expands their lore (non-canonically).

Fade will be holding hands with me when you need me, but if you're looking to get some time take a look at our Valorant character list to see which Agent will be the subject of your affections, as well as our best Valorant crosshairs and codes, after all, you're not going to miss the cupids arrow.