In Shovel Knight Dig, who are the Hexcavators? Every new knight in the game

In Shovel Knight Dig, who are the Hexcavators? Every new knight in the game ...

The Hexcavators are the new subterranean baddies who fought against the Order of No Quarter when Shovel Knight was released. Three of them are brand new, but even the returning ones are quite different from the ones you saw last time.

All new knights in the Hexcavators

Spore Knight is the first boss youll encounter in Shovel Knight Dig, but he's not a pushover. This little guy has a bag of magic powder that creates a wave of bouncy mushrooms on the spot, and he can throw his big squishy hat like a frisbee. Mario's pal Toad wishes he could do that.

Hive Knight is a bug-loving knight, so an attack on him will send Hive Knight into a rage. Don't let him catch you, or you can pass on your precious HP.

Drill Knight is the strongest and most regal-looking member of the Hexcavators, and that makes sense since he is the game's final boss. While Drill Knight digs and fights with his titular shovel, he's a perfect foil for our hero. When things get serious, he can transform into a deadly spinning drill top.

All returning knights in the Hexcavators

Mole Knight has been mentioned in previous Shovel Knight games, and his digging ability makes him a perfect fit here. His first appearance was lording over the lava-filled Lost City, but he's changed his ways since. He's now a big-time swimmer, making his home in the Secret Fountain.

In Shovel Knight Dig, Tinker Knight appears to be virtually identical to his previous appearances, but he has a few new ideas up his sleeve. Enter the Smeltworks and you'll have to confront them. Turns out Tinker Knight is busy building biplanes and a battleship that can traverse lava.

Scrap Knight was introduced in Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon for the first time. She still lives in the Magic Landfill, pogo-jumps around the trash heap collecting waste. The boss battle takes a turn when she opens the bag and draws you in.