In Destiny 2, what are the maps and rewards for Trials of Osiris this week? September 23, 2022

In Destiny 2, what are the maps and rewards for Trials of Osiris this week? September 23, 2022 ...

In Destiny 2, Trials of Osiris has returned during the Season of Plunder, and this is a great opportunity for anyone who want to work alongside a fireteam and play against a deadly team of Guardians in PvP matches. The rules of Trials of Osiris, this weeks map, and the rewards you can earn for being Flawless in Destiny 2.

Trials of the Osiris map, weekly rewards, rules, and more

Trials are a game that requires you to be at least Light Level 1520 to participate. To get the Witch Queen's Yearly Expansion, you must first be Flawless.

This week's map is Javelin-4.

Please be patient as we will be learning the new reward structure alongside everyone else this week.

  • Ranking up with Trials from playing will earn you a random drop. In addition, you will get a random reward from the Pinnacle loot table.
  • Flawless Whistlers Whim (Adept)
  • 50 Rounds If you win 50 Rounds, you will get some Trials Pinnacle gear from the new Trials Engrams.

When do the Trials of Osiris start?

The Osiris Trials begin this Friday at 1 PM ET and 10 AM PST. You have until Tuesday to complete your Trial matches before the weekly reset.

What do you need to play Trials?

Trials of Osiris will require you to purchase the most recent expansion to play it, which is now part of the Premium Destiny 2 experience. This is in order to prevent hackers from establishing new accounts quickly. During Season of Plunder, you must purchase the Witch Queen expansion to access Trials.

How to compete in Trials

You will need to be at least 1520 Power to participate in the Trials, and you will need to get a Trails of Osiris Passage from Saint-14. You may get these from Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar. He will also sell Trials rewards and passages as special items that will compensate losses in certain situations.

Trials of Osiris will only be available in the Director while Trials of Osiris is live. Matchmaking will also be available starting in Season of the Lost, making the mode more enjoyable and accessible for new players.

Trials Passages and Rewards

Saint-14 has five Trial Passages available in the tower. Two of these are always available: one unlocks when you have five wins, one unlocks when you have seven wins, and another opens when you have completed a flawless run in this weeks Trials.

These are all the Saint-14 Trial Passages you may choose to purchase.

  • Passage of Mercy (Always Available): Forgives one loss
  • Passage of Ferocity (Always Available): Third win grants bonus win
  • Passage of Wealth (Unlocks after 5 wins): More points at 3, 5, and 7 wins
  • Passage of Wisdom (Unlocks after 7 wins): Bonus XP from wins
  • Passage of Confidence (Unlocks after completing a Flawless run): Bonus reward from the Flawless Chest

These are some important things to keep an eye on when it comes to Passages. It is either flawless or not, allowing you to continue playing and earning match and round wins for rewards. After a loss, your Passage will be reset. All Passages are account-wide.

Trials have two key challenges each week:

  • Win seven matches total on a given weekend.
  • Win 50 rounds.