10 My Hero Academia Characters Who Deserved of More Screen Time

10 My Hero Academia Characters Who Deserved of More Screen Time ...

My Hero Academia, which focuses on a school setting and a unique assortment of powers, is easy to connect to certain characters, even those who were created to be nothing more than little players. The long-running anime series about children learning to use their powers for good has been praised by fans and critics alike for its varied and engaging cast of characters.

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MHA has been known to scupper several supporting characters, even important supporting actors like Tenya Iida, while giving the spotlight to the same people over and over again. These are just a few of the characters that deserve a bigger share of the pie.

Emi Fukukado

Emi Fukukado, a teacher at a different school to UA, has a lot that remains a mystery, particularly in terms of her connection with Aizawa, our resident 1-A teacher. Their connection is related to their close proximity, in a narrative that illustrates how MHA is one of the more mature anime.

Is she just joking? With Emi, it's always difficult to tell, and her lack of screen time doesn't help. There is certainly something worthwhile exploring character-wise, but given the series' progress at this stage, it's unlikely that it will ever happen.

Inasa Yoarashi

Inasa Yoarashi, a well-known non-UA student during the Hero License exams, is a standout character in what was otherwise one of the weaker arcs of the series. His fierce rivalry with Shoto Todoroki in particular fueled Endeavor's less than stellar adventures as a hero.

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After his initial encounter and fight with Todoroki, Inasa pretty much disappears from the narrative, which is a shame considering the enormous potential of that conflict. They even appear to make some sort of settlement during their remedial class, making this plot thread seem like a moot point in retrospect.

Itsuka Kendo

Neito Monoma, 1-B's most prominent member, is getting the opportunity to shine in the manga, but Itsuka Kendo, a prominent member of the class, appears to have been left in the dust.

Itsuka is also one of the more friendly members of 1-B, and her friendly rivalry with Momo was one of the best parts of the Training Arc. Still, she deserves more screen time and development than she actually receives.

Kamui Woods

Kamui Woods, one of the first characters we encounter in the series, is a guy who has a body that is exactly like that of a tree and who can manipulate his limbs as such. It's a simple power and design, but Kamui's personality is fun enough and his consistent appearances in the narrative make him a valuable reminder of a greater world outside the classroom.

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Yet, somehow he continues to be underused. Compared to his contemporaries like Mt. Lady, Best Jeanist, and Miruko, Kamui has a shocking lack of screen time, and while he has had some standout moments here and there, he has mostly been on the sidelines.

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume has the potential to be one of the most anticipated characters in the entire series. She focuses on assembling gears that will aid with hero work and "supporting" the heroes, and in her appearances, she is a major help to Deku, giving him equipment that has completely saved his life on numerous occasions.

Mei became a no-show once the series went into more important, world-shattering roles. You would expect her to be one of Deku's most powerful confidants, but instead, the series is more and more into power creep, making her a secondary character.

Mezo Shoji

MHA's 1-A characters make it the perfect superhero anime for newcomers. Shoji comes with a lot of mystery. His face is covered at all times, his Quirk is bizarre, and his personality is mysterious and distant, although respectful and understanding.

What is his agreement? Shoji might be able to develop a unique narrative similar to Kirishima's during the Overhaul raid, but there has been nothing.

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido's friendly nature coupled with her ability to connect with almost everyone on screen makes for a great time.

When she gets screen time, she does it quite well. The School Festival arc in particular gives her quite a bit to do, but overall she is used mostly as comic relief despite a surprising history with Kirishima that merits being explored.

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado, one of the Big Three of UA's hero course alongside Tamaki and Mirio, is a force that can be compared to Tamaki and Mirio in the battle department.

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Nejire never gets the opportunity to shine when it comes to actual fighting. This is made even clearer by the fact both Tamaki and Mirio got entire fights dedicated to them during the Overhaul raid, while Nejire is relegated to outside help. She deserves better.

Tenya Iida

MHA is a fantastic series because not only are the student characters great, but it also has some of the best parents in anime. However, one of its main shortcomings is the handling of Tenya Iida, who is supposed to be one of the series' central protagonists throughout the first two seasons, particularly season 2, and has multiple arcs and battles dedicated to his development.

Tenya is still technically a major player in the series until season 3, but his presence began to fade in favor of other characters. Compared to Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka, and even Tsuyu, he is practically a footnote.


Thirteen is the one who feels like she had the most wasted opportunity out of all of the UA instructors. Her gimmick is fascinating and intriguing, and she is well-known for having this extremely powerful Quirk underneath the surface.

Thirteen is in the first major arc of the series, which introduces us to series antagonist Shigaraki, but she largely vanishes after that. It's possible Horikoshi found Thirteen's Quirk too powerful and simply never used her, but the fact that you can create compelling fights and ideas through her makes this seem like a wasted opportunity.

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