The Genshin Impact manga is now available for viewing

The Genshin Impact manga is now available for viewing ...

Collei, a new playable character, is revealed immediately after she is kidnapped by a Fatui Harbinger from Mondstadt. During her escape, she met men from Mondstadt. Collei was ejected by the Fatui leadership named Il Dottore. However, Genshin Impact does not really explain her story, mostly having Collei add color-commentary random phrases.

The manga is probably released for the first time in two years before the official game. Chapters began dropping in 2018 and ended in 2020, and it may be seen on Webtoon, Tapas, and the Genshin Impact website.

The manga corrects this by adding more depth to the region's lore. Kaeyas' relationship with Diluc is strengthened. Ventis' reign as Archon is explored. Most importantly, the manga is Amber's journey into her own destiny.

Before Genshin Impact was released, the best time to read the manga was before. The second-best time is right now.

The manga also lays the foundations for Sumeru. Colleis' whole backstory is explained. You'll also learn about Dottore's interactions with high-ranking Mondstadt characters such as Diluc and Kaeya. Even Sumerus General Mahamatra, Cyno, briefly appears.

Dottore is being used as an imminently arriving villain in hidden quests like The Bad Guy in Vimara Village and the trailer for patch 3.1. If you want to fully enjoy the game, the manga is a must.

The first 13 chapters of the manga may be read in English, although there are 16 chapters in total. At the time of writing, the final three chapters are only officially available in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. Hoyoverse has yet to translate the final installments into English.

Rather than allow the fandom to make assumptions from summary stories, a few people worked to localize the remaining stories. A Twitter user named AseriaSallaria translated the final chapters. Another user, DarkKnightHero, found AseriaSallarias translations and typeset the dialogue to the page.

AseriaSallaria told Polygon that the manga made me fall in love with these characters.

AseriaSallarias's Mangadex final three chapters are now available. These chapters for her have added weight to Sumeru. I was hoping to see Collei in-game, and it finally came true two years later!

If you already like Genshin Impact or are a potential fan wanting to see the world, the manga is for you. The entire community surrounding the game worked together to ensure that every fan has access to the story. Do not let the manga slip by you.