Dont Hug Me Im Scared is suddenly back in fabulous, chaotic form

Dont Hug Me Im Scared is suddenly back in fabulous, chaotic form ...

If you or someone you know was terminally online in the early 2010s, you probably know, love, and have profoundly missed Dont Hug Me Im Scare.

Dont Hug Me Im Scared, a six-episode web series created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, sparked outrage on the internet when it was first released on YouTube in 2011 and 2015, with a unique blend of puppet-based humor and Lynchian shock humor. The animated shorts have since amassed over 216 million collective views on YouTube, and inspired everything from elaborate fan theories about Serbian war criminals to a modest clothing line. Now, after six years since the

Three strange and colorful characters inhabit the series: a tall man wearing a red morphsuit with two beady eyes atop a mop-top of scraggly hair named Red Guy, a yellow guy-boy wearing blue overalls named Yellow Guy, and a talking green duck in a gray jacket named Duck.

Dont Hug Me Im Scared may be referred to as the demented British half-cousin of Sesame Street and the heir apparent to Wonder Showzen, although it's less politically charged than the latter and more focused on breaking up the standard of children's educational television set by the former.

The six-episode reboot, which launched on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on Monday, follows much of the same structure as the original YouTube short series, but with, well, more of everything: more irreverent deadpan dialogue, more silly jokes, more frightening body horror interludes.

The first episode of Dont Hug Me Im Scared begins similar to the first two short episodes, but it's now preceded by a funny, matter-of-fact theme song about how there are, in fact, three of them and how they all live together. Next thing they know, there's a talking briefcase holding a smaller, non-talking briefcase sitting at their dinner table, before extolling the virtues of employment and labor.

You can be anything: a person who types at a computer (e.g., me), a soccer ball who scores a goal, or a guy who climbs to a space moon. These guys, after all, have to work at Petersons and Sons and Friends, making miscellaneous items and components, answering phones, and maintaining a website that doesnt work.

Dont Hug Me Im Scared is a series of self-contained episodes, each one focusing on a particular topic, be it about death and mortality, the value of family, or simply how to be a better friend. The show is still ruthlessly inventive, featuring everything from amorphous claymation bodysnatchers to psychedelic dream sequences that resemble 2001: A Space Odyssey's iconic Stargate sequence filtered through a Boschian DeepDream generator.

Dont Hug Me Im Scared is back, and the series hasnt missed a beat in its journey from Internet shock humor to a full-fledged animated series. Fans will be ecstatic, and newcomers will soon discover just how hilarious (and frightening) life lessons can be.

Dont Hug Me Im Scared is available on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, and may be streamed online in the United Kingdom on all 4.