Spoilers for Big Brother: Who Won The Final HOH Part 1 and What It Means for Part 2

Spoilers for Big Brother: Who Won The Final HOH Part 1 and What It Means for Part 2 ...

Warning! The following are spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Friday, September 23rd. Read at your own risk!

We've officially reached the conclusion of Season 24 of Big Brother, and how great a season it's been to this point. Three Houseguests remain, and they'll compete for the $750,000 grand prize over the next few days. Starting with Part 1 of the Final Head of Household, which gives the winner a huge boost towards possibly winning it all on final night.

Fans who have subscribed to Paramount+ have been able to see many of the wins, evictions, and other events beyond the CBS broadcasts, and we have now confirmed the winner of Part 1. So let's dive into who won the HOH, and what it'll mean in Part 2.

Turner Won The Final HOH Part 1

Matt Turner's long-running winning streak has lasted, and he received a major boost by winning Part 1 of the Final HOH. As always, the winner of Part 1 gets some time to relax while the other two Houseguests face off in the second competition. Hell get to rest up and prepare for Part 3, and he'll likely consider who will be the best to take to the final.

What This Means For Final HOH Part 2

Because Turner is allowed to relax until Part 3, which means Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale may dangle it out in Part 2, especially since their show has come to a halt due to a tragic headphone incident. It's certainly unclear whether or not there will be any kind of loving feelings after the show is over. For the time being, it appears like they're keeping the peace.

It's a tense game between Taylor and Monte. Both have a solid track record in terms of competition wins, and I'd personally say both have had surprising weak performances in competitions this season that I'd have expected them to dominate, including physical, mental, and skill-based challenges.

Taylor will need to win at least one of these awards in order to be considered the most worthy winner in Season 24. I doubt neither have faced the same level of adversity in the game as Taylor does.

Big Brother will air its final episode on Sunday, September 25th at 8:00 p.m. ET., according to Jasmine Davis. She should have another food item she can imply Julie Chen Moonves to.