After becoming involved in the AdrianahLees case, Mizkif says it was difficult to say goodbye to CrazySlick

After becoming involved in the AdrianahLees case, Mizkif says it was difficult to say goodbye to Cra ...

Mizkif, the co-founder of OTK and Twitch streamer, said in a recently streamed Discord call that he participated in the AdrianahLees sexual assault case to ensure that CrazySlick, the accused sexual assaulter, was okay.

Trainwreck gave permission to Destiny to record a Discord call that included him, Asmongold, Mizkif, xQc, and others. In the conversation, the group discussed the recent Tweet by Trainwreck that reignited AdrianahLees sexual assault accusations against CrazySlick and Mizkif, who apparently sent ex-girlfriend Maya Higa and Mitch Jones to learn the whole story.

Mizkif defended his decision to send Higa and Jones to AdrianahLees' house, although Adrianah claims she did not give either permission to visit her house prior to her testimony. He said he sought to talk to Adrianah before she made her announcement, as part of his friendship with CrazySlick.

Mizkif said when your best friend is canceled, you want to act. Thats my best friend and I care. Do you know how difficult it can be to be in a situation where your absolute best friend is getting canceled and you just want to make sure he is okay?

Both Trainwreck and fellow OTK co-owner Asmongold criticized Mizkif for his justification. Trainwreck, the streamer who incited many of the following events, remained adamant that none of the streamers who sought to enter Adrianah's house had any interest to learn more, and Asmongold warned Mizkif to refrain from defending CrazySlick simply because of their apparent friendship.

Mizkif continued to express how divided he felt the day Adrianahs' statement was revealed and CrazySlick's was first exposed. The co-founder of OTK said that while he was supposedly prepared to lose a longtime friend, it was still difficult for him to say goodbye.

Mizkif said it was difficult to say goodbye to Slick, who was a good friend of mine. I cried a lot. I'll never see you again, or I'll see you in rehab.'

Both Mizkif and Emiru announced that CrazySlick has since moved out of Mizkif's Texas residence. Although it is unclear whether or not contact has been terminated, Mizkif clearly indicated a willingness to remove a long-time friend from his life.