Due to visa concerns, Russian CS:GO players might miss the IEM Rio Major Europe RMR meeting

Due to visa concerns, Russian CS:GO players might miss the IEM Rio Major Europe RMR meeting ...

According to HLTV and Dust2.dk Cybersport, Russian CS:GO players from Benched Heroes, 1WIN, Aurora, and K23 might not be able to participate in the European Regional Major Ranking (RMR) for IEM Rio Major due to visa concerns.

The European Commission tightened the visa process for Russian citizens earlier this month. Russian citizens who are seeking short-stay visas to travel outside the European Union are facing difficulties because the consulates are now permitted to deprioritize non-essential travel, extend the decision from 15 to 45 days, and request additional papers.

According to rumors, the participation of Russian players on K23, 1WIN, Aurora, and Benched Heroes is hazy, and Denis deko Zhukov (1WIN) and Eugene Aunkere Karyat (Benched Heroes) are on the rise.

We're still working on a benchedheros roster, so I'm not sure what the final lineup will be like, but onec we do have updates, and we'll update you all shortly:(

If the Russian players of these teams do not get their visas in time for the RMR, it's unclear if they'll be permitted to seek last-minute replacements. Teams are only permitted to use one substitute and they must have been submitted before the roster lock on September 8, meaning that teams that need more than one stand-in may need to withdraw.

ESL will select the next team from the fourth and final open qualifier in August, which was held in August. Illuminar are the first and Mihail Dosia Stolyarovs team Forward is the second. The rest of the list is unclear because all teams achieved a top-16 position.

ESL told Dust2.dk that it is aware of the visa issues the teams are facing, but it did not offer further information.