After a three-year LCS stint, Spica says his final goodbyes to TSM

After a three-year LCS stint, Spica says his final goodbyes to TSM ...

Mingyi Spica Lu, a world-class North American jungler, has sent a final goodbye to all League of Legends supporters who have accompanied him throughout his journey with the organization in his final vlog of the year.

Spica, 21, announced on social media that his contract with TSM had been terminated following the teams' 2022 LCS Championship defeat by Evil Geniuses, making him a free agent for the season of 2023.

Spica concluded the 35-minute video with a teary-eyed message for the fans, saying he regrets not being able to successfully step into the shoes of former Team Liquid mid laner Bjergsen.

Spica said: "I think this year for the team, but it was also a rough year for the fans." When it comes to TSM, people just hate it and I feel like people are really irrational towards the fans as well. "I really wanted to, sort of be the next Bjerg, but a player that the fans are proud of," I would say.

Spica and the rest of TSM had a tough season in 2022 as the team struggled to maintain synergy with its various new members. With veteran mid laner Maple joining the organization along with two rookie LDL players, there was plenty of room for things to go wrong.

On the Summoners Rift, the players failed to sync well together. In the spring, TSM finished as a bottom-three team for the first time in the organization's history, and even though they qualified for the post-season in the summer, the whole year has been a roller coaster with several roster changes throughout the 2022 Summer Split.

Im not sure if I will be back next year, right? Spica said. It's unlikely. I wish I could stay here forever, but for me, I guess I'll stick around.