Is it possible to play Apex Legends solo?

Is it possible to play Apex Legends solo? ...

Apex Legends is a team-based game. From battle royale to Arenas to the majority of its limited-time modes, every mode is geared towards achieving victory as a team. This is what makes it different from many other battle royales that encourage players to win by themselves.

Despite Apex and its developers, certain players may not have dedicated teams to assist them on their quest to victory. Others may be sick of random teammates or may just want to see what they can accomplish on their own.

Is it possible to play Apex Legends solo? That depends on what your definition of solo is.

Solos mode

In season two of the Iron Crown event, players could participate in a limited-time mode called Solos. It was exactly what it appeared like: players were dropped into the standard battle royale alone in an effort to win the crown solo. The mode hasn't changed in any way since then, nor have many other solo-focused modes.

Design director Evan Nikolich revealed that he does not believe a solo-only mode would be appropriate in Apex at this time. He went on to highlight that Respawn is more focused on improving the games many team-based modes and introducing more enjoyable ways to play with others than bringing back the previous one.

Queueing alone

If you are playing unranked battle royale or all Arenas modes, the future looks grim.

Even if you're paired with teammates in Battle Royale, you can always go off on your own. Due to the many teams in Apex that support teams, you'll most likely struggle unless youre the best of the best at the game. In most cases, it's better to stick with your teammates and support them, even if you don't always agree with what they're doing.

If you decide to take on the game without friends or a premade squad, we have a guide specifically to climbing while solo queueing. If you're just playing for kicks and giggles, playing by yourself doesnt alter any of Apex's core values: working as a team, aiming well, and having fun.