In Slime Rancher 2, the best way to rear Plorts is to farm them

In Slime Rancher 2, the best way to rear Plorts is to farm them ...

Slime Rancher 2 gives players the opportunity to collect, breed, and nurture tiny creatures called Slimes that can be found across Rainbow Island. Each Slime has its own set of foods that they can eat. Plorts is a byproduct of the refinery that can then be repurposed to manufacture Slime Science technology or sold at the Plort Market for a profit.

Every Slime Rancher wants to get as many Plorts as possible. This will take some time, and will involve exploration throughout Rainbow Island, gathering resources and Slimes, and constructing the infrastructure for your Slime Farm.

What is needed to start farming Plorts?

Ranchers who are just getting on their feet will want to acquire and upgrade a couple of Slime Corrals before they can really start farming Plorts super quick. Here are the basics you will want to focus on first:

  • Corral (250 Newbucks) The basic Slime Corral without any upgrades.
  • Plort Collector (500 Newbucks) Automatically collects any Plorts laying on the ground inside the Slime Corral.
  • Auto-Feeder (500 Newbucks) Automatically feeds Slimes within the Slime Corral at set times with stocked-up food.
  • High Walls (260 Newbucks) Having higher walls helps to prevent Slimes from escaping and potentially creating Tarr Slimes.
  • Air Net (425 Newbucks) Prevents flying or hopping Slimes from escaping the Slime Corral and reduces the risk of Tarr Slimes.

How to maximize Plort output

Players should combine two types of Slimes to create a Hybrid Slime that produces two Plorts per feeding rather than one. For this, players will need to feed a Pink Slime that will produce one Pink and one Rock Slime Plort every time it is fed.

The last step to maximizing Plort output is to give these Hybrid Slimes two of their favorite foods, and feeding them one of these tasty meals will increase their overall Plort output. This should generate a grand total of four Slime Plorts, which will make a big difference at the Plort Market.