Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Who won the final HoH, Part 2?

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Who won the final HoH, Part 2? ...

This morning, Big Brother 24 wasted little time in revealing Part 2 of the last HoH, which is obviously huge.

If you missed it, overnight Turner won Part 1 of the competition, which was primarily focused on endurance. Part 2 tends to be themed more around specific dates or occasions from the season, like evictions or competition wins. Sometimes, there is either a skill or speed component to it. Monte may be bigger and stronger, but those characteristics don't matter much in the endgame.

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We know that Taylor is planning to take Monte to the final two rounds, but perhaps that is not the case with Brittany so obviously in her favor. Turner, on the other hand, would take Monte unless Taylor changes his mind. She did not do herself any favors by convincing Turner overnight that she would vote for him over Monte.

Then, on the final table, lets get to the winner. Monte did a little fust-pump by himself, so it's likely that he won Part 2, and he and Turner will face off on the final night tonight. We all know that Shell has a shot at being chosen as she pleases. Even if Paloma hadn't gone, she would have probably stayed that week.

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