Silas from Hollyoaks presents a terrifying danger to Olivia

Silas from Hollyoaks presents a terrifying danger to Olivia ...

Hollyoaks spoilers are below.

Following frightening Hollyoaks scenes, Olivia Bradshaw is being thwarted by Silas Blissett.

The first-look episode on Friday set the tone for the autumn stunt week, as the McQueens desperately tried to smuggle Bobby out of the village before Silas could capture the child.

Mercedes suddenly went missing, forcing the McQueens to involve Lexi to try and stop Silas once and for all.

Olivia was kidnapped in a local school and tried to persuade her to join his struggle against the McQueens. When she refused, Silas kidnapped Olivia and tied her up in his lair.

Olivia remained trapped there until he removed the gag on her mouth and offered her a jacket to keep warm. This turned out to be a twisted game as it was Mercedes' jacket.

Silas taunted the former owner, declaring, "It'll no longer be needed."

Olivia was shown a live feed of Mercedes struggling while bound, warning Mercy that she would only survive if Olivia completed a task for him.

"Now, let me tell you what I need you to do," Silas said.

Silas will slay Olivia into kidnapping Bobby in exchange for Mercy's life, but if everything goes wrong during stunt week, one person will be killed, and another will be sentenced.

Chelsee Healey, the Goldie McQueen actress, has promised there will be "terrifying" scenes as Silas puts the McQueens through some deadly games.

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