If Rings of Powers Sauron is the most obvious person, what would happen?

If Rings of Powers Sauron is the most obvious person, what would happen? ...

Okay, lets play: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powers Sauron might be Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) and it might seem to be a missed opportunity if he isnt. It might just be interesting if the only human to survive alongside Galadriel, who pulled her from the Sundering Seas, was Sauron, the big bad she has been hunting for years and the scourge of (future) Middle-earth?

Theres still a compelling character no one knows much about who appears nefarious in the trailer, and it may not exactly align with the extended lore, given that Galadriel is theoretically able to sense Sauron. Maybe that charged moment between them with the dagger is (forgive me) a double-edged sword, and actually an indication of his evilness.

  • Here is a brief sample of quotes, said by Halbrand, in episode 5: You dont know what I did. You dont know how I survived. What do you know of darkness? He also claims he will be cast out if his secret is revealed, and apologizes to Galadriel for the death of her brother (who was killed by Sauron).
  • He is a brutal warrior, as demonstrated in the alley scene from episode 3, and doesnt seem to have many qualms about hurting those around him.
  • Halbrand is an original character to The Rings of Power, and its clear from episode 3 that the production has some kind of plan for him and hes not just a character for Galadriel to deliver exposition to. But we dont think theres really much to this theory, though it is pretty funny.
  • It would just be neat, narratively, if everything Halbrand says wasnt a lie, per se, but was just a half-truth. For instance, when he says shit like I am not the hero you seek cmon!
  • Weirdly, though, his backstory is really specific and not connected to any canon. Despite the name The Southlands sounding like the Southrons, judging by where they are on the show map, theyre not really south at all, but in the far east, beyond Mordor. Tolkien never illuminated the cultures of any peoples in that area. (We know a few things about Rhun, but as you can see, that region is quite a ways northeast of Mordor.) We dont know of any kings from that region, or even monarchies or systems of government. Huh.
  • Subsequently, it would be top-tier prequel material to write a scene where Galadriel unwittingly encourages Sauron to be Sauron. That kind of dramatic irony is always the most delicious when its done well. Especially when shes been ferociously combing the world for him and he decides to just hide in plain sight. We know that the Sauron of this era was called fair (meaning pale, but also pretty); while Halbrand may or may not fit the bill for this one, he is at the very least cunning and astute. Those are the exact traits someone would have to be to get a bunch of people to make rings for him.
  • Wait, hang on, the very first thing he shows an interest in other than staying out of trouble is getting a job as a smith? And then, in the fifth episode, he makes an exquisite blade that seems to stun a local guild worker.
  • Frankly, The Rings of Power leans too much into obvious mystery boxes, and we think some subterfuge that really feels like it pulled the rug out from someone would be good.
  • He convinces Galadriel to chill out and stay in Numenor...
  • When he gave Galadriel a dagger its a moment that bonds them, and its something that could potentially save her neck in Numenor. Then again, its also just giving her the potential to wreak havoc. And so far, even when it looks like hes helping the situation, Halbrand seems to be at best out for himself and at worst kind of a chaos agent.
  • The only snag is that this would be a big departure from how Tolkien frames Saurons post-war with Morgoth reappearance, where he disguised himself as an emissary of the Valar called Annatar. And hed have to get out of Numenor and to Middle-earth so that he can start working with Celebrimbor.
  • The very first line of the show Nothing is evil in the beginning, spoken by Galadriel is pulled from Tolkiens text about Sauron, who was corrupted by Morgoth. It could come back around with Halbrand being just a regular dude also corrupted by the evils of the world. But it could also be a plant: With The Rings of Power leaning more heavily into the grayness of Middle-earths heroes, perhaps its also going to spread some of that to its villains as well.
  • If the Stranger is Gandalf and not a balrog then this is going to disappoint me, and Id very much like this show to extend an olive branch.