Is It The Handmaids Tale Season 5 That Sets Up Aunt Lydias Story In The Sequel, The Testaments?

Is It The Handmaids Tale Season 5 That Sets Up Aunt Lydias Story In The Sequel, The Testaments? ...

The most recent episode of The Handmaids Tale Border and the sequel book The Testaments are on the way.

The Handmaids Tale, a dystopian drama based on Hulus's greatest hits, has just launched for Hulu subscribers, and the first three episodes have already been a wild ride (especially with the departure of Alexis Bledel's Emily)

The Testaments, a direct sequel to The Handmaids Tale, was released in 2019 by Hulu. It's already planned to adapt it when the flagship series finishes with Season 6. In the most recent episode from The Handmaids Tale Season 5, there seemed to be a major hint toward Ann Dowds Aunt Lydia's plot line. Namely that she confessed her wrongdoings while praying for Janines' life.

Esther poisoned herself and Janine at the Red Center, after being assigned to serve as a Handmaid to Commander Putnam. Both characters were hospitalized in Border, with Aunt Lydia praying for God to rescue Janine.

I know you are dissatisfied with my actions. Sometimes I lose my temper. I made choices. I was attempting to keep my girls safe. Please do not punish her, as I will teach you a lesson. I will do things differently, I promise you.

Janine ended up sleeping by the time the new Handmaids Tale episode ended. Could Aunt Lydia's journey to redemption be started by this episode (which also brought back Nick's mysterious wife)? With the upcoming Testaments show in the works, it's definitely worth waiting to see how Lydias story unfolds in Season 5.

The Handmaids Tale Season 5's contents are mostly obscure, but Aunt Lydias future on the Emmy winning series was teased in the title of Episode 4, which is entitled Dear Offred.

As Serena settles into her new role in Toronto, June fights her desire for harsh revenge. Aunt Lydia makes a surprising suggestion to Lawrence, who is rattled by Janine.

Aunt Lydia is one of the most complicated characters in The Handmaids Tale, but she has mostly been a ruthless figure in Gilead, but it will be interesting to see if she starts to make any real noticeable changes, and how the show will set up her expected appearance in The Testaments.

Lydia is one of the three characters narrating the tale in the Testaments book, along with both of Junes daughters. We learn a lot about Lydia's personality and how she eventually became a feared aunt. She also has a redemption story that would be interesting to see play out in the Hulu series if Ann Dowd is playing her signature role.

New Hulu episodes are available on Wednesdays. In the meantime, check out the fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.