Granddaughters Of Walt Disney Candid Take On The Online Response To The Divergent Casting In The Studios Films

Granddaughters Of Walt Disney Candid Take On The Online Response To The Divergent Casting In The Stu ...

Two of Disney's most anticipated and talked about films are the live-action adaptations of The Little Mermaid and Snow White. Both portray women of color who are well-known for her role in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.

Disney stated that she supports the casting and believes that her relatives would have supported the effort for diversity at the studio. She also explained her thoughts about the casting and people's reactions to Yahoo!

I mean, its all made up people! I dont understand why its controversial. The world to me looks like everything and everyone all the time, and I love that. I want to live in a world where everybody is just boring and white. My grandfather and grandfather were also artists, and they appreciated the importance of a vibrant, changing, and eclectic culture.

People are dissatisfied with the characters because they were originally white in the animated film. In a tweet, Abigail Disney writes: "We've made an effort to make content that is made by and stars people of color."

For those who are irritated by Hallie Bailey's not looking realistic enough, please bear in mind that a) there is no such thing as a mermaid and that therefore b) there is no such thing as a Causasian mermaid. September 13, 2022

Trevor Noah called those who do not support Bailey's casting internet racists. On Twitter, fellow Disney princess Rachel Zegler endorsed her casting as Snow White but did not approve of Bailey's.

Zegler has also spoken about her own role as Snow White, stating that while the character isn't normally Latina, it is an "iconic" figure in Spanish-speaking countries. The actress also discussed how important it is to have Latin representation in musicals, and that West Side Story, which she starred in with an ensemble of Latin actors, was a step in the right direction.

Both women have received criticism for their casting, but it's clear they are also making a positive impact because little girls learn to see themselves represented in a way they've never seen before.