In Destiny 2, which Strikes have Fallen bosses?

In Destiny 2, which Strikes have Fallen bosses? ...

Strikes are repeatable cooperative activities packed with enemies. Each strike is unique from the others, making the repetitive nature of the strikes less tiring. This includes potentially unique enemies, such as Fallen. However, Fallen bosses are much rarer in a few Strikes.

Destiny 2 Strikes with fallen bosses

The number of Strikes that don't have any Fallen bosses is very long. However, you can farm a single strike over and over for a Fallen boss. Exodus Crashis a strike that tasks players with clearing out a spaceship called the Exodus Black that is currently teeming with Fallen enemies led byThaviks, The Depraved. Thaviks is the only Fallen boss to be found within a Strike, but getting to him

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