The 8 greatest classic video game fan remakes

The 8 greatest classic video game fan remakes ...

Sometimes fans desire to see a video game remake that the original creators did not intend to complete. Some of the more experienced fans take that as a sign that they must do the job themselves, making their favorite games in new styles and platforms. Here are some of the finest fan remakes we have seen so far.


Another Metroid 2 remake, usually shortened to AM2R, is the definitive Nintendo fan game. Inspired by the GameBoy title Metroid 2, this remake was created by Milton Guasti, who later created the game for the Nintendo Super Nintendo.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa's creators had the opposite experience. For more than a decade, Crowbar Collective worked to recreate Half-Life the way it was intended to be played, while restoring cut content and expanding other sequences while greatly increasing graphical fidelity. The result is a runaway success that the original developer Valve publicly sells on Steam.


Sometimes the most elegant move is to reimagine a game on older hardware. For Bloodborne, Lilith takes the modern PlayStation 4 classic and rewinds it to original PlayStation polygons. The game also includes boss fights against the Cleric Beast, Father Gascoigne, and an original monster.


DRL, also called Doom the Roguelike, simplifies the shooter in every way possible, allowing it to be a top-down roguelike adventure. With the same principles as Jupiter Hell, the latter also develops Spelunky.

GoldenEye: Source

GoldenEye 007 might be available now on Nintendo Switch Online, but the team at GoldenEye: Source was years in advance of remaking the N64 shooter. By moving the retro game to the Valves Source engine, the creators were able to make the game look absolutely stunning. Aesthetically, it does look like James Bond by way of Half-Life.

Grand Theft Auto Vice Cry: Remastered

This mod took place long before Grand Theft Auto 6 was leaked and tipped its hat towards the Vice City setting, bringing the Floridian GTA game forward. It included a number of brand-new vehicles and other equipment, as well as a new version of the existing game.


In the same vein, Skyblivion is working to incorporate all of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion into Skyrim. Its not officially available yet, but thats understandable given the scale of the project. This mod will require more work than the original.

Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit

Sonic Triple Trouble was originally released on Game Gear, but developer Noah Copeland envisioned it as a Sega Genesis game instead. The result is a higher resolution, more varied level layouts, and a great appetizer for Sonic Frontiers, which will be released in November.