Daddy Issues Sneak Peaks in NCIS Season 20 Episode 2

Daddy Issues Sneak Peaks in NCIS Season 20 Episode 2 ...

We do come across one big question as we prepare for CBS's next week's NCISseason 20 episode: Who wants cheese? It may sound ridiculous, but it's what we're talking about in this particular hour called Daddy Issues.

In one of the sneak previews for the episode at the bottom of this article, McGee, Parker, Knight, and Torres find themselves in a large, expansive warehouse filled with barrels. What may surprise all of them, though, is discovering that all of these barrels are filled with cheese.

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This is going to be one of the weirdestNCISepisodes weve ever seen in a long time, depending on what we see now. We would not have it any other way. Isnt this a big part of what makes the program so enjoyable?

The other sneak peek below is funny mostly because it gives an insight into what real-life NCIS agents or detectives face in their everyday lives: A ton of questions from people about the job. Everyone is obsessed with murder mysteries; hence, the popularity of a lot of true-crime podcasts. For the likes of McGee and Palmer, they prefer to talk about anything else or almost anything.