Here's How Many Episodes There Are in 'Andor'

Here's How Many Episodes There Are in 'Andor' ...

Andor has quickly become a popular hit among fans after its first three episodes. Everyone seems to be wondering how long this Star Wars spin-off series will last. Not counting Marvel's Daredevil: Born Again, which is expected to premiere in 2024 with an 18-episode season.

This prequel series to 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story follows a thief-turned-spy, Cassian Andor, who becomes a revolutionary and plans to steal the Death Star's plans. Along with a stellar cast, Diego Luna reprises his role as the titular character, among others.

Here's a handy guide to all of the seasons of Andor, as well as information on the show's future after the first season.

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Andor Season 1 Episode Guide

Andor Season 1 will have 12 episodes, with the first three episodes being released together on the day of the premiere. The following episodes will be released weekly at the same time, i.e. every Wednesday at 12 am PT / 3 am ET.

Check out the whole schedule for Season 1 of Andor here.

Toby Haynes is the director and writer. Tony Gilroy is the writer.

Cassian Andor's impulsive quest for answers to his past makes him a sought after guy.

Toby Haynes | Writer: Tony Gilroy

As the law's agents close in, Cassian tries to lay low on Ferrix.

Toby Haynes is the director of The Sun, and Tony Gilroy is the writer of The Gilroy Chronicle.

Cassian's fear to avoid arrest leads him to a strange guy with unknown connections.

Susanna White, the director, and Dan Gilroy, the writer

Susanna White | Writer: Dan Gilroy

Susanna White is the director of The House of Representatives, and Dan Gilroy is the writer.

Benjamin Caron, the director, and Stephen Schiff, the writer

Beau Willimon, director of The Lionheart, and writer of The LionHeart, Toby Haynes

Beau Willimon, director, and writer: Toby Haynes

Beau Willimon | Director: Toby Haynes | Writer: Beau Willimon

Benjamin Caron| Writer: Tony Gilroy|Director: Benjamin Caron

Benjamin Caron | Writer: Tony Gilroy | Director: Benjamin Caron

The series illustrates how the Skywalker myth is not just about the Skywalker story, but also about a lesser-known character in a much more powerful and immersive narrative than we have seen in this franchise for a while. And since we dont want to spoil you, let's just say it all rests on Cassians' character arc and how he becomes the rebel spy we know. However, the five-year timeline will definitely extend into the second season as well, so don't expect everything to wrap up Cassians'

What Do We Know About Andor Season 2?

Andor will be returning for a second and final season, which will also have 12 episodes, making it a 24-episode series, as mentioned by Gilroy at the Star Wars Celebration in May 2022. The season will begin filming this fall, so its expected to arrive sometime in 2024 on Disney+. However, this isn't yet confirmed.

With all Star Wars stories, it's always worth it to sit back and enjoy the prequel series. Andor will be available on Disney+ every Wednesday at midnight PT and 3 am ET.

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