According to Norman Reedus, 'The Walking Dead's Daryl Led Spin-Off Series might include Melissa McBride's return

According to Norman Reedus, 'The Walking Dead's Daryl Led Spin-Off Series might include Melissa McBr ...

More information has begun to emerge about the upcoming spin-offs for Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon, which were initially planned to be in development in 2020, but was later reimagined as a Daryl-only spin-off after Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, resigned. However, Reedus has now implied that his on-screen partner would return to the upcoming spin-off.

Reedus retorted in a recent interview with Variety: How do you know she won't return? I feel like Carol has more story to tell, although she had stated at the time that she wouldn't be returning to the spin-off;

The spinoff was announced before we even announced the end of The Walking Dead. We always thought we would do a show that would continue to run until it was finished, and it was us on our own. And then we shot for a year and a half straight, through the beginning of COVID. Melissa wasnt going to do the show. And then she wasnt going to do the show.

Reedus supported and defended McBride's decision, stating that filming a program for 12 years was a "long process," and that McBride deserved some vacation if she wanted it. Now, it appears that their identities will be explored in the upcoming spin-off. "She's a very big part of Daryls story,' Reedus adds of his co-star.

Reedus and McBride's friendship has extended beyond the screen, as both have spoken fondly of one another in the early years of filming The Walking Dead. It will certainly be interesting to see their personalities continue to develop, or even extend their relationship beyond the Platonic level. Reedus has said that the future spin-off will bring a "whole new vibe."

The filming for the spin-off has already begun in France and is expected to premiere on AMC sometime in 2023.