How 'Andor's Luthen and Maarva Shape Cassian Into the Perfect Rebel Spy

How 'Andor's Luthen and Maarva Shape Cassian Into the Perfect Rebel Spy ...

The following extracts from Andor's first three episodes are packed with action, fantasy, and political commentary. Together, these episodes form the first complete arc of the Disney+ series, returning Diego Luna to his role as Cassian Andor, the rebel spy from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He leads us into a journey that will forever alter his life and the galaxy.

Cassian doesn't know that. By the time Rogue One comes to an end, he is fully aware of his responsibilities as a rebel spy, and how a successful mission can save tens of thousands of lives. In his first arc of Andor, though, he is still not quite there yet, trying to uncover the whereabouts of his sister, owing money to some people, and working, one day into the next: Maarva Andor (Fiona Shaw) and Luthen Ra

Maarva's Impact on Cassian's Past

Maarva Andor is a name given to Cassian. No, she isn't Cassian's biological mother. When they stumbled upon each other while investigating a crashed Separatist starship, she took the boy with her.

Maarva was also Cassian's mother, which he seemed to never have had, in present-day situations in Ferrix. However, the fact remains that the industrial planet and the people who live there are Cassian's people. He's known them his entire life and is a part of that community. That's how communities function: people protect one of their own.

Cassian is the child of Maarva, and everyone seems to know that. She knows the dangers he might face if he were ever told he came from Kenari, not because he's special (as the show makes it clear repeatedly), but because, in the Imperial Era, every bit of information can cost someone's life. That's perhaps his very first lesson in concealing his identity and, well, lying.

But Maarva taught Cassian that community is essential. When the noise starts, everyone is safe, or no one is. The people of Ferrix understand that living is better than living for all of his people, and so does Cassian.

Luthen's Impact on Cassian's Future

Cassian chooses the ultimate sacrifice in Rogue One even though he understands that living is better than risking his life. Five years earlier, it's difficult to imagine him ever appreciating that notion. That's where Luthen comes in.

Bix Calleen (Adria Arjona) was approached by Cassian to sell his stolen imperial armor, and Luthen's first interest is not the piece, but Cassian himself. Their first encounter, again in the third episode of the show, makes Cassian realize that he isn't the big-shot scammer he thought he was.

Luthen, on the other hand, teaches Cassian the other side of why espionage is necessary: to stand up against the regime. Eventually, Cassian will incorporate this notion and sacrifice himself for the whole galaxy.

What's in Store for Cassian Andor?

No Jedi in Andor yet, at least, although Cassian will eventually join the Fulcrum agency headed by former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson). But this isn't a story about people. The Rebel Alliance was created by individuals who were dissatisfied with being bullied by the bullies.

Cassian is a lower-class citizen living in a backwater world that does little to contribute to the big picture of the galaxy. He knows that, and he makes it clear when he says to Luthen that, in order to escape the Empire, you must "walk in like you belong."... They can't imagine that someone like me would ever enter their home, spit in their food, and take their gear.

Luthen tells Cassian if he'd rather give it all at once to something real. While Maarva wants to keep Cassian alive, Luthen is clear in his assessment that the Rebellion might cost him his life. The galaxy owes him a lot for that.

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