A New James Bond Vinyl Set Honors 60 Years of 007 Title Tracks

A New James Bond Vinyl Set Honors 60 Years of 007 Title Tracks ...

Bond James Bond is celebrating 60 years on the big screen, and the series has been putting all the stops this year for the special occasion. Many fan favorite Bond movies have returned to the big screen in several countries, yet the music of 007 has always been one of the series' most appealing qualities. Now, Bond enthusiasts everywhere the world can enjoy the music of 007 with a new James Bond vinyl set.

Every James Bond title track from all 25 of the characters' big screen roles is included in the double 12 vinyl set. Every theme was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios. The release is also presented in a gatefold sleeve featuring the Bond poster art.

The opening credits sequence and seeing James Bond himself in each new film are equally as enjoyable as seeing him in the film. Bond has consistently had one of the greatest soundtracks in cinematic history. However, these songs are not only some of the greatest music in film, they are also some of the finest music in general, and it all starts with Monty Normans iconic Bond theme. It's one of the greatest musical arrangements in history, but it's also a brilliantly exciting track for Bond.

The rest of Bonds title tracks are equally well-known. Whether its Shirley Basseys Goldfinger, Tom Jones Thunderball, Tina Turner's Goldeneye, or Nancy Sinatra's vocal harmonies, no one has quite a musical legacy like 007.

With 25 films and counting, James Bond's film franchise is rare to last as long as his music. Bond's music has elevated his franchise to one of the greatest in cinematic history.

The James Bond 25 Double 12 Vinyl Set will be available on the official 007 website later this month, just in time for Dr.Nos' 60th anniversary on October 5, James Bond Day. Until then, you may watch the latest Bond film No Time To Die on Amazon Prime Video here.