Poitier Doc Is a Straightforward Yet Captivating Look at an Icon, According to Sidney Review

Poitier Doc Is a Straightforward Yet Captivating Look at an Icon, According to Sidney Review ...

Sidney Poitier's life has had more than a few wonderful, indescribable twists, according to those who know about Poitiers' work. Despite this simple structure, Sidney succeeds because his story is directly told from the late actor.

Sidney shows a life lived as if every minute of every day is valuable, from his early childhood in the Bahamas, where he was unaware of cars, electricity, or mirrors, to his newly discovered ambition of becoming an actor in New York City. arguably the most engaging parts of Sidney are when Poitier dives into his younger life and the terrible journey he had to endure to become one of the world's greatest actors.

Poitiers' acting career demonstrates honesty in the roles he chose and dedication to his values. Despite having to work as a dishwasher while playing in his earliest films, the star seemed to rise with no end in sight, becoming one of the most famous actors of the late 1950s and 1960s. He would go on to star in several of the most well-known films of the decade, including In the Heat of the Night and Guess Whos Coming to Dinner.

Sidney manages to avoid overlooking the more questionable aspects of Poitiers' life and the peoples' opinions of him at the time. Hudlin delves into Poitiers' affair with Diahann Carroll, his divorce, and the Black's belief that Poitiers' roles made him an Uncle Tom. Yet Hudlin makes no mention of these areas of Poitiers' life because it would be a flagrant mistake to ignore the negative and concentrate on the positive.

Sidney is fascinating when it has different actors retaining Poitiers roles and importance at certain occasions. For example, Morgan Freeman looks at the still-debated choice for Poitiers character to risk his freedom to save the character played by Tony Curtis in the same boat.

The Sidney interview cast is also impressive, as Poitiers' family is questioned about his connections and what his career meant to him at the time, while Winfrey declares that Poitier made her life a better place through his contributions and work.

Poitier is the most intriguing of all of them. Because of that, Sidney is at his finest when Poitier is speaking his own story directly to the audience, and because of that, it's a shame that Poitier spends so much time talking about Poitiers lesser-known moments in his life.

And yet, even if Sidney takes a basic look at Poitiers' career, it's still remarkable to see the impact this man had on the world in this way. Poitier made an indelible impact on entertainment, society, and society in general, and Sidney makes us aware that without Poitier, this world wouldn't be the same.

Rating: B

Sidney is now available on Apple TV+.