After being pulled into an ongoing Twitch drama, Alinity asks for privacy

After being pulled into an ongoing Twitch drama, Alinity asks for privacy ...

Alinity, a Twitch streamer who was mentioned on The Leftovers Podcast, said last night she would only want to be left alone because of her involvement with the xQcs covering of AdrianahLees' sexual assault with the alleged DMs released between Trainwreck and Alinity.

xQc and Hasan have had a rare encounter over the past week as a result of the sexual assault allegations against CrazySlick. One conflict was a heated exchange over their initial reactions to Trainwreck allegations.

Hasan Piker and Ethan Klein of H3H3 fame hosted the Leftovers Podcast, which he compared the xQcs initial reactions between AdrianahLee and Alinity. In his analysis, Klein claimed inconsistencies in xQcs opinions for the different cases.

On today's show, discusses alinity.

Many viewers and fellow streamers chastised Klein and Piker for allegedly bringing up Alinitys' situation without her explicit consent, especially since the episode revolved around AdrianahLees' sexual assault.

Klein continued to state that he had received Alinity's permission to speak on her situation prior to the segment, although other streamers have questioned that claim.Neither Klein nor Piker raised this issue during the segment itself.

I prefer to be left alone.

Alinity soon after tweeted that she simply wants to be left alone, saying that she wishes to be left out of any conflict. Alinity's plea received significant support from other streamers.

Alinity has been pushed into this ongoing and presumably all-encompassing Twitch conflict, but it appears she wants to get out of it as soon as possible.