In Adopt Me Roblox, how do you get the Lonely Peak badge?

In Adopt Me Roblox, how do you get the Lonely Peak badge? ...

While Adopt Me is widely recognized as a role-playing experience by most players, it also contains a few other features that enthusiasts of any genre can enjoy, including obbys! In fact, the only badges available in the entire Adopt Me experience are earned by completion of these obbys, according to the brief guide below.

How to earn the Lonely Peak badge in Adopt Me

Each badge in Adopt Me is earned by traversing and completing its corresponding obstacle course, bringing us to a total of seven badges all together. First, we must discover theObbiesbuilding area onAdoption Island.

Look for the large, sandy park/playground that you've seen earlier in Adoption Island, the main area of Adopt Me.

Behind the massive slide at this park is a tiny structure titledObbies, which is the entrance that we must enter.

There are seven portals, one for each obby inside.

We must go to the Lonely Peak portal to earn the Lonely Peak badge.

We'll need to get to the end of the Lonely Peak obby by running, jumping, and climbing our way across its numerous obstacles and platforms. Just be sure to take your time as you go!

As you close the obby, you should see a small structure namedFinish! Walking back to the main Obbies building will teleport you back to the main Obbies building and trigger the Lonely Peak badge to appear on your screen. Congratulations, you successfully completed a level two obby and earned the badge!

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