Beginner's guide to Potion Permit suggestions and tricks

Beginner's guide to Potion Permit suggestions and tricks ...

Potion Permit, an indie game, has dropped players off in a town called Moonbury that is in dire need of some help. Their more holistic approach to disease and malady, led by a witch doctor, has been failing certain residents within the town. So, the Mayor of the city contacts the capital and asks an alchemist to come save his daughter. This is where the game begins.

Potion Permit is excellent at guiding players through the myriad of in-game systems and mechanics, although some sections fall by the wayside throughout the course. Here's a list of some helpful advice for new alchemists who are a bit dissatisfied with Moonbury's de-facto medical support.

Daily checklist for Potion Permit

When players first start using Potion Permit, it may seem as though there isn't much to do every day. This is rapid as new areas and mechanics are unlocked, but players will want to ensure that they execute certain tasks every day.

  • Talk to select characters to build friendship.
  • Sell full row of potions within mailbox.
  • Empty stamina through resource gathering.

Early game is the ideal time to stock up on ingredients, although earlier areas will provide more resources for your stamina, so make sure to grab them as soon as you can. Regardless, players have until 0200 every day to harvest resources across the map: take advantage of this to avoid falling behind on cures or gold.

How teleportation works in Potion Permit

Players will notice unassuming signposts across the land of Moonbury. Once interact with, these signs flash a banner, allowing the player to teleport anywhere on the map. This, combined with the fact that there is a flag right outside the alchemist house, means that players should ensure they maintain their stamina daily.

Where are my ingredients in Potion Permit?

There may be confusion as to where all of the ingredients collected in the Meadows have gone. Each potion crafted has a selected list of ingredients that it can accept, and each ingredient occupies a distinct shape and number of slots within the cauldron. Use left and right bumpers to shift between the elements.

Once the recipe has been created five times, it may be saved as a recipe for the future. This will allow the player to fill the puzzle within the cauldron with preselected ingredients, and also allow the player to make multiple potions at the same time, much like the shipping box in Stardew Valley.

Combat and battle within Potion Permit

New players to Potion Permit may discover a few surprises within the game. First and foremost, most enemies will not injure anyone when they step through their hitbox. It isnt until the enemy completes an attack animation that the player may be hurt. Its far faster to five deep into areas by running past foes.

Second, the three tools have different damage levels, but the damage difference isnt enough to formulate a strategy around them. In early game, most enemies will die from the same number of hits, whether using the sickle or the hammer. Even at mid-game, the damage difference is so small that it is most time effective to simply attack with whatever weapon you have equipped at the time.

Lastly, you may stun-lock enemies prior to their introduction to the animation. However, they will not be stunned out of the attack until the animation is finished, so it is prudent to stop attacking and dodge their attack once the animation begins. For many enemies, however, players can simply face-tank the hit and eliminate the enemy quicker due to low enemy damage.