Roblox players are underwhelmed by the Blackhole event

Roblox players are underwhelmed by the Blackhole event ...

Long-time Adopt Me! players were surprised by what they were instead given: day jobs.

Roleplaying games are common, as genre icons such as The Sims have sent characters into the workforce for decades. It's therefore no surprise that Adopt Me!s developers wanted to incorporate this feature as a way for players to earn more in-game money without spending Robux and to broaden the variety of activities to try in the game.

The overall map of Adopt Me! hasn't changed much in some time, and some long-time players anticipated that the change would be more substantial. Where there are plenty of things to do in Adopt Me!, players can only camp and take their babies to the hospital once.

The incident prompted people to wonder why the games' creators teased the event with a black hole and positioned it as a significant update. The most widely-known black hole event in gaming occurred in Fortnitein 2019, at the time servers went down for more than a day before the game returned with an entirely new map, the first new map in Fortnites history.

The Adopt Me! update gave players a new location. They may now go to a salon or bring their pets there as one of several new ways to earn currency in the game. For example, they may choose to cook specific types of pizzas they may send out for delivery.

Adopt Me! players earn a base rate of $50 in-game currency per in-game day by performing their jobs, in addition to the rewards.

If Adopt Me!'s jobs update isn't enough to keep you interested in the game, you may want to try one of the other Roblox games in 2022. Youll also want to get creative by using the Roblox promo codes for September and our Roblox music codes for September.