Outlander star explains why she avoids social media

Outlander star explains why she avoids social media ...

Lauren Lyle of Outlander has explained why she avoids social media, particularly when playing popular characters.

The actress, who will play the lead role in ITV's adaptation of Karen Pirie, spoke to Digital Spy alongside co-star Emer Kenny about the influence of fan reactions on social media.

"I remember being told with Outlander that "this is a big character, you might not be what people imagined in their heads," she said.

Lyle recalls an incident that prompted her to avoid Twitter: "I do remember people saying on Twitter [regarding her Outlander character] 'If she were my daughter, I'd punch her in the face,' and that was something that made me think 'oh maybe I'll just stay away from Twitter.'

Lyle discussed how Kenny assured her about the casting reaction on social media.

"With [Karen Pirie] I remember Emer [Kenny] coming to me and saying, "You have to be aware that there will be people who think you don't appear as the Karen people have in their heads," she said. "This is our adaptation, we have all supported you, and Val [McDermid, author], said yes to you."

Kenny added that their adaptation is also inspired by earlier stories where the main character was in her 20s.

"It's probably the 28/29-year-old version of who the character is," says the author. If you go back to that book, you'll get what we're going from.

Karen Pirie from ITV's The Distant Echo is adapted from McDermid's first book in the series. Lyle will play DS Karen Pirie, a young Scottish investigator who is investigating a historic murder case.

Karen Pirie will air on ITV on Sunday, September 25 at 8pm.