Nathan Fillion Discusses How Nolan's Season 5 Career Move Keeps The Rookie's Title Relevant

Nathan Fillion Discusses How Nolan's Season 5 Career Move Keeps The Rookie's Title Relevant ...

The fifth season of The Rookie is upon us, and it appears to be a good one. Nathan Fillions John Nolan will take on a different role now that Nolan is no longer a rookie, and Fillion discusses how it will always be relevant post-career.

During an interview with EW, the Rookie, Nathan Fillion and Niecy Nash-Betts discussed their respective series and crossovers, and Nash-Betts asked Fillion what Nolan will look like as a training officer. He also discussed how Nolan will still be a rookie:

John is going to be a training officer. It's a natural progression in his career. Also, because he believes that the department should evolve, and that he wants to be a part of that change. It's a lot of fun, I guess.

While Nolan may not be a rookie in the police department anymore, he is still a rookie when it comes to being a T.O., so seeing how he manages that and does his own training will be something new. And it sounds like he will still want to make some changes to the department, which may make for some interesting plotlines since he is still a rookie.

  • "Sure. It's the beginning of a new chapter in his life." - Niecy Nash-Betts
  • "He's a rookie training officer. It works for me." - Nathan Fillion
  • "Back at the bottom. Not the bottom, but the beginning. A new beginning." - Nash-Betts

We all know how great Nolan is as a officer, and with his different experience coming in at such a late time, he certainly has some lessons to teach whomever he is training. In the upcoming season, Lisseth Chavez will be a new rookie, so how that two will interact will be something to look forward to.

Nathan Fillion has been hyping up Season 5 of The Rookie, which even included comments from a former Castle co-star. Lucy and Tim will also be seen undercover as their doppelgangers in the upcoming season, which might reveal the truth about their relationship.

Although the Rookie and the Rookie: Feds will not be pairing up on ABCs' fall 2022 schedule, it looks like we will continue to get stars together, whether it's for promotion of their respective programs or in a crossover. And we know that John Nolan will give Simone Clarke some advice about being the oldest rookie at her job.