As the credits rolled out, I had four big questions about Don't Worry Darling's end

As the credits rolled out, I had four big questions about Don't Worry Darling's end ...

SPOILERS: Olivia Wildes Dont Worry Darling is getting a lot of spoilers in this article! If you haven't yet seen the film, proceed at your own risk!

Olivia Wildes Dont Worry Darling is now available in cinemas, following years of delays caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and a whirlwind of coverage surrounding the supposed drama on the set. She made her debut with 2019s Booksmart, exploring a mysterious utopian community in the middle of the desert through the eyes of Florence Pugh's 50s housewife Alice Chambers.

The film, which includes a shocking twist ending, provides some explanation for what happens in the first two-thirds of the story, but also leaves you asking more questions as you think about it. Here's what we've learned so far about the Dont Worry Darling ending...

What Happens At The End Of Dont Worry Darling

While watching Dont Worry Darlings, it is clear that something is going on in Victory, California that is being hidden from Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh), Peg (Kate Berlant), and Violet (Sydney Chandler), but the truth isnt fully revealed until the final act. After experiencing a mental breakdown after a series of strange events such as spotting a plane crash but finding no wreckage, and discovering a strange structure in the desert, Alice is forced to undergo shock therapy

Alice learns that this is not a secretive energy experiment dealing with advanced materials, but rather a computer simulation where men can essentially trap their wives in a virtual recreation of 1950s America.

Alice tries to flee the captivity and return to the mysterious structure shown in the film's various YouTube trailers. But this isnt until Jack attempts to subdue her, which results in Alice smashing him over the head with a whiskey glass, killing him. With sirens blaring in the background and a small army of Victory Project guards in red jumpsuits descending upon her, Alice escapes the simulation. A scene of her dancing in the real (modern) world is played before the

The Victory Project Was Just A Simulation

Before the film's release, there were a lot of reasons to be enthused about Dont Worry Darling, including one of the mystery surrounding the story and the possibility of a twist ending. Olivia Wilde demonstrates that the Victory Project is a virtual prison where men are in charge and women become housewife in the 50s.

As Wilde and screenwriter Katie Silberman leave little clues and breadcrumbs to the big reveal along the way, including the sequence where Alice cracks open a carton of eggs for breakfast only for the shells to fall out (a bug in the system). Then, there is the explosive dinner scene where Alice tells her friends that all of her husbands met their husbands the same way (on a train).

When the audience comes to an end, all of this is confirmed when Alice is a dedicated surgeon and Jack is an out-of-work worker who finds a way to spend more time with his spouse. There are still a lot of questions that the film fails to answer...

What Was Franks' Rational Basis For The Victory Project?

Chris Pines Frank, the elusive founder of the Victory Project, is one of the most menacing characters in the Dont Worry Darling cast. And while his character often reveals the purpose of the project (both in and out of the simulation), he never gives an exhaustive explanation for what transpires.

Frank's intention is to create a world in which men are in charge of almost every aspect of their lives and have subservient women back home who have dinner, drinks, and passionate sex waiting for them at home, as revealed in the flashback to the real-world Jack.

What Has Happened To The Victory Project Simulation?

Another question that was left unanswered by Dont Worry Darling was the simulation itself, specifically its duration. How long have some of the inhabitants lived in Frank's home? Months, years, decades? It's never explicitly revealed.

Given Margaret's long-distance downward spiral preceding the mysterious disappearance of her son, Alice seems to have passed by quite a long time since the other wives first entered the simulation. Bunny appears to imply that she's been there for quite a while when she admits she knows it's a simulation, but one where her children are still alive.

What Happens Next For Alice And Shelley

Alice smashing the glass over Jacks head, Shelley stabbing Frank in the chest and twisting the knife in the final minutes of Dont Worry Darling, which leads to another question: what will happen to them next?

After escaping the simulation, Alice presumably wakes next to her husband's corpse, which will likely cause some problems as she adjusts to the real world. And taking away the entire dead man in my bed situation, what mental and emotional state will Alice be in following such severe trauma?

Shelley has to answer all of these questions. Will she put an end to the Victory Project simulation now that Frank is no longer there to manage things, or will she continue the simulation and pick up where she left off?

What Was The Deal With The Airplane Crash?

Alice discovers the mysterious structure on the top of a mountain in the desert surrounding the town, but the plane, its wreckage, and its significance are never forgotten.

Was this another glitch in the system, a part of Alices real world breaking into the simulation, or was it merely a red herring added in to distract the audience (like those daily explosions) for a moment?

Olivia Wilde does a great job of tieing the bow on one part of the story during the Don't Worry Darling conclusion, but also leaving some big unanswered questions. However, if that's what it takes to keep audiences talking about one of the most anticipated fall films, then so be it. Dont Worry Darling is currently in theaters across the United States, along with several other promising 2022 films.