In League of Legends, what is the Dade Award?

In League of Legends, what is the Dade Award? ...

The Dade Award is an honor given to the most underwhelming player at the League World Championship, relative to their pre-tournament expectations.

Coming into Worlds, a player must have huge expectations on their shoulders, only to completely fail and underperform at the tournament. Their team must be placed in an easy group, but ultimately fail or fail to reach the quarterfinals.

After Samsung Ozone mid laner Dade, who had won the Spring Splits MVP award that year, fell short at Worlds and failed to lead his team past the group stage, it was initially created by League personalities Duncan Thorin Shields and Christopher MonteCristo Mykles on their podcast Summoning Insight in 2013.

According to Thorin, the Dade Award is bestowed to a player who is one of the world's top players, and his team, on paper, should have reached the semifinals, maybe even won the tournament, and they didnt even get out of groups. He absolutely hit the bed, and he totally fell apart in every possible circumstance.

List of Dade Award winners

  • 2013 SSO Dade
  • 2014 EDG NaMei
  • 2015 LGD GodV
  • 2016 EDG Clearlove
  • 2021 FPX Doinb

The Dade Award was no longer given out officially by Summoning Insight in 2017. The League of Legends subreddit and the League's player base on social media are still paying tribute to the award. Despite the award being semi-shelved by its original creators, it still attracts attention.

Unofficial Dade Award winners

  • 2017 LZ Khan/TSM Bjergsen
  • 2018 Gen.G Ruler
  • 2019 DWG Nuguri*

After the community bestowed the Dade Award to DAMWON Gamings Nuguri, it was relatively mild at the time. Although he did underperform at Worlds 2019, he did not significantly underreach his expectations. This led to calls around the scene to de-fund the award in its entirety.

Getting the top in his group, but only really struggling against the best top laner ever, and getting knocked about by pre tournament favorites who had one bad day in bo1s, isn't as bad as people who were dunked on and eliminated from groups.

MonteCristo clarified that the Dade Award does not need to be given out every year, and in 2020, it was temporarily deactivated. Some League fans wanted to give the award to Top Esports Knight in 2020, but there wasnt enough evidence to award the largest underachiever award to someone who played somewhat under expectations. The 2020 season was the only one in which the award was never given out in any official or unofficial capacity.

MonteCristo and Thorin re-imagined the Dade Award, this time to FunPlus Phoenix mid laner Doinb, who was hailed as one of the world's best mid laners prior to the 2021 tournament but failed to get his team out of a relatively favorable Group A.