Sly Cooper's 20th Anniversary Is Celebrated With New Items, But No New Game

Sly Cooper's 20th Anniversary Is Celebrated With New Items, But No New Game ...

Sly Cooper, everyone's favorite raccoon master thief, has celebrated his 20th birthday today with the release of new merchandise on the PlayStation Gear Store and other online stores. To some players' dismay, though, the occasion has not been used to announce a new game, something that fans have been waiting for years.

Sly Cooper is still in Sony's thoughts thanks to new merchandise.

The official Sly Cooper 20th anniversary will be held on September 23, although the celebrations began earlier this week with the release of The Sly Collection, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and Bentleys Hackpack on PS Plus Premium. All of these games have also been represented in a brand new artwork by original Sly Cooper art director Dev Madan.

The first is an 18 x 24 poster print available through the PlayStation Gear Store for $24.95. The remaining options are from Cook & Becker. Available in an ultra high-quality fine art print, the 28 x 40 version is limited to 40 hand-numbered pieces and is priced from $120. Both are equipped with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The PlayStation Gear Store will also sell a Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox, and Sly 20th Anniversary logo on the front, as well as a detachable plush cane. The plush will be available for pre-order, but players may sign up to Fangamer to be notified when pre-orders are available.

Sucker Punch has once again confirmed that they have moved onto new worlds since July. The developers had already stated in July that they would not be working on Sly Cooper, and that they would no longer be working on other studios. However, they did say there was a possibility the door might be reopened further down the road.

Triple Circle Collapse will be added to Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. Ground War is also brought back by a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta update.