Final Fantasy XIV's How to Craft the Windswept Barding

Final Fantasy XIV's How to Craft the Windswept Barding ...

If you've been looking for a chance to upgrade your Chocobo's barding, you've come to the right place. While the Windswept Barding will not alter your Chocobo's stats, this stylish suit of armor will fit perfectly among your collection of bardings. Below, we'll explain what it'll take to make it.

The Windswept Barding in Final Fantasy XIV

After the battle with Barbariccia, the Windswept Barding may be acquired by two methods: crafting or by dropping. The following ingredients will be required if you choose to craft the barding.

  • 3 Earth Cluster
  • 3 Eind Cluster
  • 1 Pearl of Winds
  • 2 Golden Silk
  • 1 Amynodon Leather
  • 2 Chondrite Ingot

Master Leatherworker X is required for the crafting of the barding. In other words, the barding must be created by a level 90 or higher leatherworker.

Barbaricia's Crown Trial is a great way to obtain the Windswept Barding. If you can acquire crafting material after defeating a boss, you may then design bardings that emulate the style of the fallen foe.

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