7 times The cast of Steve Harvey and Jackass made comedy gold during the Celebrity Family Feud's Finale

7 times The cast of Steve Harvey and Jackass made comedy gold during the Celebrity Family Feud's Fin ...

On September 22, Celebrity Family Feud wrapped up its eighth season, pitting members of the Jackass cast against each other for an hour of shocking yes, I mean that literally entertainment. Even if audiences went into the episode expecting antics, their expectations were likely exceeded, as the consistently funny host Steve Harvey joined the masochistic stunt performers for absolute comedy gold.

The Celebrity Family Feuds season finale featured the cast of Jackass, which usually consists of two games with four different teams of famous faces to fill 60 minutes, but in this finale, just one game was played, rather than the typical five. It was quickly apparent why this cast in particular couldnt be squeezed into a 30-minute slot, and the viewers were the beneficiaries of a truly laugh-out-loud hour of television.

Steve Harvey's Reaction To Johnny Knoxville's Twinning

Steve Harvey walked onto the stage wearing a maroon suit jacket and black tie and shoes which coincided to be the exact same outfit as Johnny Knoxville. The host barely got through the introduction, as he kept staring back at the contestant, and finally discussed their twinning methods.

What the hell is this jackass mess right here? If my wife had come across this corner, and a woman had on the same thing, oh shed be pissed. But me, Im sitting here going, This is ignorant. I mean, I should have known that this jackass right here would do something like this.

While the crew agreed that Steve Harvey wore his outfit better, the host remained enthused, continuing to comment on their matchy matchy outfits for the first segment of the episode. You can see the introduction in the above video.

Steve Harvey Explains Why You Don't Want To Fight Old Dudes

The Jackass cast informed the host that Jasper Dolphin and his dad Dark Shark sparred so often that they needed boxing gloves, which prompted Steve Harvey to train the 31-year-old son about why he did NOT want to throw hands with his father.

My oldest son, 31, is 31 years old. You can ask him. He does not want this. Nah, he does not want this. This aint gonna go the way you think. Im gonna bite you in your hair. You aint never had a piece of your cheek spit back on you. Yes, see Im gonna fight to win. This aint gonna be an easy one.

I have never heard anyone threaten to bite someone in their hair, and Steve Harvey's whole spiel had me groaning. In the above video, you can see the whole exchange for yourself at about the 8 minute mark.

Johnny Knoxville Tases His Teammates For Stupid Answers

Johnny Knoxville lashes out for what was initially considered a poor answer in the above video.

The taser remained a threat throughout the remainder of the game, but be aware that he later tased himself over his own stupid actions.

Zach Holmes Trolls The Host For Not Even Trying

Steve Harvey is generally supportive of those trying to come up with answers, much like the members of the respective teams on Family Feud. Sure, hell throw a nasty side-eye at some of the more off-the-wall arguments, and he knows exactly what makes these responses go viral. However, rarely does the host go down as harsh as he did on Zach Holmes, who stared blankly ahead until he was struck.

He just stood there and did not say a word. He didnt even try. He didnt even appear to be thinking of anything.

Zach Holmes was not on Johnny Knoxville's team, but perhaps he was still speechless at the thought of being tased, as his own teammates lobbied for Knoxville to hand over the pistol after Holmes remained mum. You can watch it sink at the 2:30 mark above.

5.During his face-off, Wee Man got a shocking surprise.

As he prepared to answer his face-off question, Wee Man seemed to anticipate something. Steve Harvey started to snarl the question, sending Wee Man screaming in agony.

Steve Harvey's Primal Scream Over Monkey In A Loincloth Response

Tarzan might be able to remove a blank from his loincloth as a magician. This one has just enraged us, and as we've come to realize with this group, trouble is no longer a concern. While the responses of banana, Jane, and even ball were humorous, it was Black Sharks' initial reaction of monkey that pushed Steve Harvey over the edge.

Steve Harvey gives the funny answer to contestants, so you knew something good was coming when the host mentioned having to get the monkey out of his loincloth. In the above clip, he gave the most hysterical shriek, which you should witness for yourself.

7.The Host Gets Real About Team Knoxvilles Performance

Johnny Knoxville's team had failed to win any points prior to the final round of Fast Money. Steve Harvey, still on fire after praising Zach Holmes for his lack of effort, described the dire situation Team Knoxville faced as they prepared to attempt a steal, thus forcing Sudden Death. The host explained that they only had one shot to play.

If its not, the Tremaine team will just win the game. How horrible that would be. The opportunity is at hand. Oh my God, you have no points. All of you will be tased.

I'd like to know how many people would support including a taser into all future Family Feud episodes. It certainly seemed to serve as motivation! In the above video, Steve Harvey's pep talk begins just before three minutes.

The Celebrity Family Feuds season finale was my favorite, but I advise you to watch the whole episode, because it was nonstop laughter from beginning to end. On Sunday, September 25, viewers will be able to watch the premieres of Celebrity Jeopardy! and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune at 8 and 9 pm ET on ABC. Find out what other premieres will be soon on our 2022 TV Schedule.